Factory Reset Galaxy I5500

I was selling my phone (Galaxy I5500), but forgot the screenlock numbercode. So i choose to reset it. I spend lots of time researching, but didnt find any hardware reset code that worked. So I tried to reset it to factory settings through the android developer tools. Here is how I did

Windows 7 x64
Samsung Galaxy I5500

Download and install Kies

Download and install Android SDK package
Install the following packages

  • Android SDK Tools
  • Android SDK Platform Tools
  • Google USB Driver Package

Start the phone until you reach the screenlock
Start Kies on your computer
Plugin the phone via USB cable (to the computer running Kies)
The phone then switches from screen lock and asks you for “Kies or USB”. Dont choose anything.
In that moment you have the possibility to access the reset combination function. Like a “workaround” for the screenlock to gain access to executable commands.
Press the reset combination for your phone

Hold the Volume UP + MIDDLE BUTTON + POWER

The phone ends up with an android within a yellow triangle..stating “Downloading”
I tried lots of combinations. Not all of the ones i found thought googling worked.
One of these two worked for me: ..(it happened so fast, that i am not shure which one of them)

When you see the triangle, you can open up a windows command prompt and change directory to the path of the C://android-sdk/platform-tools/.(Make shure it contains the adb.exe file).
Then write:

adb reboot recovery

(…and press enter)
The phone will reboot after a minute and then you get the option to reset to factory settings, through the phone menue.

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